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Alquiler y reparación de autos en Brașov

Centro comercial
“Nice cinema (Cinema One) Big supermarket (Auchan) Big foodcourt and other coffee shops Events and activities free of charge Nice stores Playing ground for kids (indoor and outdoor) for free”
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Rental Car Location
“Poiana Brașov is a “nice tiny mountain village” with friendly people. Loved by romanian tourists for skiing (good value for money) and the really unique views from the top. Also in summer you can have here a lot of fun and things to do. Crowded on weekends especially in winter time. ”
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“A small mountain next to the old city center, where you can admire the views on the whole city and the nature. Accessible either by foot or cable car.”
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Romanian Restaurant
“Best known restaurant in Brasov for Romanian food, a lot of variety; It is a good idea to book in advance (especially in the weekend) ”
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Edificio de apartamentos residenciales
“Towering over the city skyline, Biserica Neagră is the main Gothic monument in the country and considered the largest church between Vienna and Istanbul. It was built by the German community of the city of Brașov between 1385 and 1477. With a length of 89 meters, a width of 38 meters and featuring a 65- meter-tall bell tower, the church got its name from the charred appearance of its walls, which were blackened during the Great Fire of 1689. (1,1km)”
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Theme Park
“The adventure park is an outdoor sports and leisure activity, a very good way to spend your free time with your family and friends. Each participant to adventure receives a safety equipment of 2 carbines which shall be used permanently for the participant’s safety. Parc Aventura Brasov has 16 routes with progressive levels of difficulty. Each route has its’ difficulty level which is symbolized by a specific color: 3 YELLOW: 3 ROUTES easy to walk for people from 8 years of age. Height 3 meters 3 GREEN: 3 ROUTES easy to walk for people from 8 years of age. Height 6 meters 2 BLUE: 2 ROUTES average difficulty for people aged 12 years 2 RED: 2 ROUTES difficult, for people aged from 14 years 1 BLACK: 1 ROUTE very difficult, for people aged from 16 years 5 PURPLE: 5 ROUTES run with a special child safety system from 4 to 7 years old”
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“One of our favorite restaurants in the city, with great atmosphere, tasty food with local products, good variety of drinks. A perfect place for lunch or dinner.”
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Amusement Park
“Relaxing & Adventure in Aqua Park Brasov. Great in summertime, a lot of space (quiet places you will find near the fence). Like it here also because of the nice views.”
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“Is one of the oldest Gothic Church in the Europe. It resemble a lot with St. Stephen's Cathedral from Vienna, Austria.”
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“The White tower was built in 1494 on top of a rock. Its straight side closing a semicircle faces the city. The tower has 5 stories and its height ranges between 18-20 meters, depending on the grounds it is built on. It got its name from the whitewash that coated its walls. The top is bastion shaped and the offsets from which showers of stone were dropped on the attacking enemy are still standing on its sidewalls. The entrance of the tower was so high that a ladder was needed in order to get inside. Just like the other buildings, the tower also suffered damages in the 1689 fire which were remedied only in the 1723 restoring works. According to the town defense system the tin- and coppersmiths”
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“Rope Street is a street in Brasov that has an average width of only 123 centimeters is considered the narrowest street in Europe. If you walk through one of the two above, only one indicator with an arrow shows you passing through an intersection. Otherwise, you will not even notice it. Street history is just as exciting. It was built in the seventeenth century and was originally designed to facilitate firemen's access if needed. The street measures at its narrowest point, only 111 centimeters, and the largest one only 135 centimeters. ”
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“It’s a place where you can enjoy the festive and friendly atmosphere, and the irish traditional meals. Also you can make some new friends.”
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“Is located in the city center and it has a large variety of new and old music. ”
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Restaurante italiano
“Fancy Italian? You will love this place! Home made fresh Pasta is a must try! ”
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“A surveillance fortress, nowadays closed (unfortunately); cool belvedere point over the city.”
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Restaurante vegetariano/vegano
“Well, i love this place because you can find some tasty vegetarian food here.”
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