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Alquiler y reparación de autos en Bratislava

Centro comercial
“One of the most visited shopping centers in Bratislava, full of lounge bars with river views outside. 180+ shops, 30+ food stalls, 10+ restaurants to choose from. One kilometre long green promenade enables visitors to access the Danube river foreshore-way which lives until late night and makes Eurovea a real hotspot. ”
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“Our castle, just a short walk up the hill and besides the best views of the whole city, this is a must-see place, one of the most important historical and political sights.”
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“little park, green oasis in the city center. buy a scoop of poppy ice cream and enjoy it in the shadow of lime trees”
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“It is situated at the western border of the historical city center below Bratislava Castle. It is the largest and one of the oldest churches in Bratislava, known especially for being the coronation church of the Kingdom of Hungary between 1563 and 1830. Together with the castle on the hill adjacent, and somewhat similar in its striking but fairly stark Gothic lines and colouring, St Martin's 85 m (279 ft) spire dominates Old Town's skyline. The tower virtually formed a part of the town's fortifications, built as it was into the city's defensive walls. As with the castle, the surroundings of St Martin's are as memorable as the structure itself. In the cathedral's case, this includes the picturesque remains of outbuildings in a spacious staired courtyard, and a working seminary with robed adepts on a cobblestone side-street. A small but significant neighbour of the cathedral is a monument to the synagogue, which stood next door for centuries until the Communist government demolished it around 1970 to make room for a new Nový Most bridge. The cathedral contains the remains of Saint John the Merciful who died in the early 7th Century.”
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“Great for a walk in the park. Right close by aupark shopping center, UFO restaurant”
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“The Church of St. Elizabeth, commonly known as Blue Church, is a Hungarian Secessionist Catholic church located in the eastern part of the Old Town in Bratislava, present day Slovakia. It is consecrated to Elisabeth of Hungary, daughter of Andrew II, who grew up in the Pressburg Castle”
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“The new building of the Slovak National Theatre with 3 venues - drama, ballet, opera. Some of the drama performances are with English subtitles. The old historical building is in the Old Town/city centre.”
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Galería de arte
“Excellent expositions - old art, but also perfectly-curated new projects, admission free, art tours for children, Sundays for families, English language tours, film evenings, happenings, excellent bookshop, iconic café Berlinka”
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Monumento / lugar emblemático
“Take a walk to memorial of WW2 soldiers and one of greatest landmarks of the city. Stunning view to whole Bratislava. Especialy after dark ,)”
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Centro comercial
“This is a nice mall for shopping and behind the mall, there is a very nice play area for kids and a big park for a nice walk ”
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“Chill place to visit, they usually have some exhibitions as well. - take bus 29 form Most SNP to Devin Hrad bus stop - get 2x90 cent tickets from the yellow machine in the bus stop (one for the way there the other is for the way back) Enjoy the castle ruin!”
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Consulta médica
“A close by shopping mall with everything from a supermarket to a chemist, laundry, gym, food court and banks.”
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Sitio histórico
“This is the best starting point to start the historical center journey. The entrance to the busiest street full of Bars, Clubs and Cafes.”
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“It is a bit of walk (20-30) minutes, but once you reach the top of the hill you get the nice view to the city.”
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Foro musical
“A place to enjoy a quiet tea or beer moment on the 4th floor terrace but on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays there is always a party happening, easy to google the program a month ahead. This is not the ultimate tourist place you find on Trip advisor, rather a favourite place for locals, which makes it great :)”
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Tienda por departamento
“Tesco supermarket, with groceries, pharmacy store, clothes, shoes, book store, electronics, and other various stores.”
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