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Renta y reparación de coches en Corfu

“The famous palace of the Empress of Austria Elisabeth of Bavaria, also known as Sisi”
Recomendado por 49 habitantes locales
“Corfu town a beautiful Venetian town with mueums and cafe bars. Travel by boat.”
Recomendado por 20 habitantes locales
History Museum
“The Museum of Asian Art is inside the beautiful Palace of Saint Michael and Saint George. This museum was created in 1927 when the Corfiot diplomat Gregorio Manos donated over 10.000 pieces of Japanese and Chinese handicraft to the prefecture.”
Recomendado por 19 habitantes locales
“A magnificent Venetian medieval fortress that successfully repulsed all three major Ottoman sieges”
Recomendado por 22 habitantes locales
Water Park
“Fantastic theme water park for both children and adults. Open from 10 am until 6 pm.”
Recomendado por 24 habitantes locales
“Lovely little bar in the heart of Corfu Town. Quirky décor, reasonable prices and in a great location for watching tourists and locals. ”
Recomendado por 26 habitantes locales
“This was the residence of the ex king of Greece. The grounds are a great place for a walk.”
Recomendado por 23 habitantes locales
“The famous coves of Canal d'Amour are situated at the west of Sidari, on the northern side of the island. It is one of the most impressive and photographed spots of Corfu.”
Recomendado por 8 habitantes locales
Restaurante griego
“Monument of Unesco, the whole old town of Corfu. Just walk around the narow streets day or night.”
Recomendado por 17 habitantes locales
“A great place to enjoy your drink in the evening with spectacular views of the old fortress.”
Recomendado por 15 habitantes locales
National Park
“The ancient ruins of Butrint famed for their size, beauty and tranquility are located approximately 18 km from Saranda. Butrint has a special atmosphere created by a combination of archaeology, monuments and nature in the Mediterranean. Butrint was officially recognized a UNESCO world heritage site in 1992. This recognition affirms its ancient and archeological appeal that has defied the forces of nature to preserve antiques that dates back to over 50,000 years ago. As a visitor to world recognized heritage site, you do not only get the rare chance of experiencing the ancient cultures, monuments, and civilizations but also enjoy the serene environment.”
Recomendado por 9 habitantes locales
Night Club
“Mostly frequented by youngsters yet not exclusively. The club plays upbeat music, ranging from mainstream Greek and international music, hip hop, house and electro beats.”
Recomendado por 11 habitantes locales
“One of the most impressive fortification works in Europe. It is the first thing to see as the ferry approaches Corfu. It stands on the eastern side of the town, on a rocky peninsula that gets into the sea. This fortress was built to protect the town from enemies and pirates. On the eastern side of the fortress, there is a flatland, used today for cultural events in summer. In this flat square, there is the church of Saint George, built by the Venetians as an ancient temple. This is actually the only church in Greece that has been constructed according to the Doric style. The highest point of the fortress needs about 20 minutes walking up to a tall clock tower.”
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“For Italian food the restaurant La Famiglia is one of the best options, in the city centre.”
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“The most amazing double beach of this island.Higly recommended for visiting!”
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“You can walk up to the hill of the fortress and have a nice coffee at the cafe there are also secret caves at the fortress's walls”
Recomendado por 8 habitantes locales