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Transporte público en Eindhoven

“Nice museum with contemporary art, good changing collections and nice architecture of building itself.”
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“Industrial area with all kinds of different design items and architecture. Here is where the artists join together.”
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Science Museum
“Philips has made Eindhoven grow. The museum shows the role of philips in the eindhoven society. Very interesting to learn more about Eindhoven and Philips in last 100 yrs. ”
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“Stratumseind is the place to be if you want to go for a drink/dance in Eindhoven. The public is young (mostly teenagers / early twenty). It's a street stretching about 2.5 city blocks - lined with cafes and bars - it is definitely the most concentrated stretch of bars and "the place" on Thursday nights (student night) and the weekend. Whatever your preferences - you'll find it somewhere. It can be quite loud, quite crowded and quite crazy.”
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Soccer Stadium
“The stadium of PSV Eindhoven. Discover the history of the club with players like Ronaldo, Romario and Ruud van Nistelrooy. There is a PSV museum as well. ”
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“The best place in town where you go out for a bite and a drink in case you would like to taste different kindes of cuisines. ($$)”
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“Nice place to walk or have a picknick. It is also a great spot if you enjoy to jog or run. ”
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“Packed with loads of fantastic shows, there certainly will be choices to suit everyone’s taste. In their quarterly calendar on the website you will find the shows that are either fully or partially performed in English as well as shows that contain no speaking at all. ”
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“The DAF Museum is a museum in Eindhoven that focuses on the history of ‘Van Doorne's Automobile Factory’, DAF. ”
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“Perhaps you just want to wind down and see a good movie for the night, you can do that here! ”
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“The main concert hall in Eindhoven. All kinds of music and party, check their website for the current programme. Oh, and! Their restaurant is pretty good and super affordable. ”
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“In this part off the town center is the student part oof the town with nice resaurants, lunchrooms and coffee houses. This part is concebtrated between Wilhelminaplen, Grote Berg and Kleine Berg. In daytime and eavening its nice in the Bars and Shops.”
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“Well it's not an amusement park like Disney or anything but The Prehistoric Village is a great morning or afternoon outing with children. Check their website for events like Viking or Roman weekend.”
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“There is nothing like running in the morning in Philips park, a city forest on your doorstep”
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