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Las mejores librerías recomendadas por gente local

Hot Spring
“You can get a tour that takes you there, the place is located 1 hour and a half from the City Centre. Bring cash, your bathing suit and proper sneakers or tennis shoes because the place can be slippery. You can walk all the way down the waterfall and get nice pictures. ”
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“It is a building from 1608. It is a convent and a temple. It currently houses a collection of historic objects from Oaxaca and belonging to the Mixtec culture. It is an example of Novohispana baroque architecture.”
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Place to eat
“It offers a wide array of everything typically Oaxaca... food, artisanal crafts, flowers. ”
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“The Ethnobotanical Garden in Oaxaca is fairly unique in its concept and has proved very successful. In 1993 the Military moved out of Santo Domingo church and grounds, and the space was decided, after some petition, to be used for a ethnobotanical garden, a celebration of both ecology and culture.”
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Sitio histórico
“Today Monte Álban is the most important archaeological site in Oaxaca, and historically it was the largest and most important City in Oaxaca. The marvellous ruins of Monte Álban are located on top of a mountain about 20 minutes drive from Oaxaca City and are a must see for anyone visiting Oaxaca City. There are bathroom facilities, a restaurant and a museum on site, and it is also possible to hire a guide once you are there.”
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“it is the cultural and historical center of the city with restaurants, cafes, concerts, mariachis, the cathedral and the main government building. It is a colorful multicultural interesting place ”
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Restaurante mexicano
“An obligatory destination in Oaxaca to discover the Mexican gastronomical treasures within an exceptional space in which tradition and contemporary Mexico find each other.”
  • Recomendado por 43 personas locales
Restaurante mexicano
“High end chef food with local ingredients, Oaxacan taste, amazing rooftop view”
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“El Llano is an iconic park of Oaxaca. you can walk there. seat for a while and talk. This is a park you have to visit in Oaxaca. And you can be there in 10 minutes or less walking from the studios. ”
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Sitio para desayunar
“Good taste, a sourdough sandwich perfect for breakfast. Moderately high cost”
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Place to eat
“Here you can find food and handicrafts. We recommend you to look for Casilda, traditional fruit water. Here you can also find "chapulines" if you are interested in exotic traditional food. ”
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“Got two hours? You'll need it for the Museum of Oaxacan Cultures, housed in the beautiful monastery buildings adjoining the Templo de Santo Domingo. This is one of Mexico's best regional museums. The rich displays take you right through the history and cultures of Oaxaca state up to the present day, emphasizing the continuity between pre-Hispanic and contemporary cultures in areas such as crafts, medicine and food.”
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Museo de arte
“Great view and architecture. The place is a renovated textile mill, located 40 minutes (approximately) from Oaxaca. Check its website for directions on how to arrive and information of events and exhibitions. ”
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Bar para fumar narguile
“Night life in Oaxaca city, music every day, and the party some times can be really fun, roof top open thursday to Saturday! ”
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“If you like architecture, this place is really beautiful to visit. To do so, you have to see if there is any activitie of your interest, they don't have more options to visit it. ”
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Restaurante mexicano
“Great food and drinks. Casual atmosphere with outdoor seating in an open patio that gets covered in case of rain or cold. Nice bar and great cocktails. ”
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