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Place to shop
“It is a long arcade with a length of about 900m and about 200 stores. It is a favorite place not only for tourists but also for Sapporo citizens. 長さ約900m、店舗数は約200軒の長いアーケードです。観光客はもちろん、札幌市民も大好きな場所です。”
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Jardín cervecero
“Sapporo beer museum, you can enjoy the beer history with pictures. About the sapporo beer garden, Original Genghis Khan is highly recommended! Whenever I go, I will order all-I-can-eat(Tabeho-dai!) with drinks ^^こちらではビールの歴史が勉強できます!ビール園のオリジナルジンギスカンはとてもお勧めです!私が行くときはいつも食べ放題です!”
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“You can enjoy various events there. Please relax in here! 色々なイベントが楽しめます!ゆっくりくつろぐには最高です。”
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“I recommend you to see elephants, white bears, and…monkeys! Monkeys are very funny as they act like a human XD You would watch them forever! ゾウとシロクマと猿はぜひ見てほしいです。人間みたいに動く猿がとっても面白いんです!ずーっと見てられる♪”
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“If you wake up early in the morning, I recommend you to go to here. Many seafood and you can also buy them.朝早起きして、二条市場へ海鮮丼を食べに行くのはどうですか?新鮮な魚やウニなどがあります!”
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“You can't miss the real Sapporo ramen when you visit here! Try rich miso ramen!”
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Ski Area
“Take a lift up the hill! You will be able to see the hole city day and night! How about having ジンギスカン( lamb BBQ) , our soul food!”
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“Sapporo TV tower! view from top of the tower is beautiful. 札幌テレビ塔は札幌のシンボルです。ぜひ登って360度の景色を見てください。”
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Sublocality Level 2
“四季を感じられる場所です! 貴方だけの特別、何が見つかるかな? It is a place where you can feel the four seasons! What is special about you, what can you find? 這是一個可以感受四季的地方! 你有什麼特別的,你能找到什麼?”
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“Big university in Sapporo; Hokkaido University. You can enjoy take a walk or sitting in the grass. 10 minutes by car or 30 minute by subway and walk!”
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Sublocality Level 2
“Famous architecture construction designed by Isamu Noguchi, Fire works festival in September. ”
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Sitio histórico
“You can take a photo with the Sapporo symbol Clock tower!札幌のシンボルの一つです!記念撮影にみなさんお越しになります。”
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Tienda de ropa
“商场就在JR札幌站,不同的通道通向不同的百货商场,即使天气不好也不需要担心。店铺属于中高档类型,品牌也较年轻,总之应有尽有,适合血拼一天。负一层还有各种点心和日本小吃,楼上有很多知名餐厅,营业到晚上11点。但是需要排长龙。 The shopping mall is located near JR Sapporo Station.Different channels are connected to different shopping malls so even the weather is not good,you do not need to worry.Immediate or high grade shops are everywhere.You can buy whatever you want and it is big enough for you to shop all day.There are varieties of snacks and Japanese snacks in underground 1F and there are also many well-known restaurants upstairs,which open until 11PM.But sometimes you need to wait in line.”
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Centro comercial
“Shopping spot of Sapporo. It is on the first floor and contains a duty-free shop, in the basement there are a number of dining options. Rooftop has a Ferris wheel. 札幌のショッピングスポット。 1階には免税店が入っており、地下には飲食店が数多くあります。 屋上は観覧車があります。”
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Theme Park
“There are cure garden. The Shiroi Koibito is famous snack in Sapporo.札幌の有名なお菓子、白い恋人を作っている風景や、かわいらしい庭園で時間をすごしてみませんか?”
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