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“Like a monumental beautiful fair terrace on the city and on the gulf, where you find a very good bar restaurant at the sunset music and lights”
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“For the sunset you can't not go to phi beach and enjoy music in one of the most evocative locations in the area, Both for families and groups and couples.”
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Theme Park
“NATURAL PARK: If you like nature and opened areas, if you like to walk or to ride a bike, then you must visit Molentargius Natural Park. There's also the possibility to rent a bike for a few hours to explore the area.”
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Natural Feature
“Tavolara island is accessible by ferry from Porto San Paolo. This island is the crown jewel of the marine preserve.”
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Bar de cocteles
“Go at sunset and grab a seat on the patio to enjoy an incredible view all over Cagliari. Ideal for aperitif”
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“ Sardinia’s premier archaeological museum showcases artefacts spanning thousands of years of history, from the early Neolithic, through the Bronze and Iron Ages to the Phoenician and Roman eras. Highlights include a series of colossal figures known as the Giganti di Monte Prama and a superb collection of bronzetti (bronze figurines), which, in the absence of any written records, are a vital source of information about Sardinia’s mysterious nuraghic culture.”
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“Old Roman open theater where every summer many concerts or shows take place.”
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“Large public park on a hilltop, with tree-lined avenues & kids' playground, plus panoramic views.”
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Puerto/Paseo marítimo
“ Elegant cathedral of the 1200s with lavish interiors, a large marble pulpit and a crypt with royal tombs.”
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“Did you know that Brandinchi bay is also know as Thaithi? The sight of turquoise water and dazzling white sand, all shaded under an expanse of pine forest, will certainly take your breath away.”
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“You can both use ferry boat to get there, or use the walk (composed by 664 steps!!) which faces onto the sea! Astonishing view, and unmissable experience!”
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“Cala Goloritzè it is a hidden pearl in the coast of the gulf of orosei. One of the most fascinating beaches in the whole Mediterranean. A limestone arch that plunges into the turquoise sea are experiences that only a holiday in Sardinia can offer. the cove can only be reached on foot after a walk of about 1 hour. We start by car from the town of Baunei, go up to the Golgo plateau and reach the guarded parking area of ​​"Su Porteddu". A quick coffee at the refreshment point immersed in a unique nature and off we go for a walk. There will be a 6 euro ticket to be paid in order to enjoy one of the most exclusive trekking in all of Sardinia. Bring at least two liters of water each with you because on the beach you will find nothing but turquoise sea rocks and a small beach of small white pebbles. The path that leads you to the cove is a succession of emotions: centuries-old holm oaks, very high limestone walls, ancient sheepfolds and then finally the wonder: the sea. The sea of ​​a color that you will never have seen! The walk has a vertical drop of about 400 meters, so the beautiful descent you have found to arrive will be your ascent to return to the car park. But you will have the emotions of a beautiful day that will give you the strength to face the climb and then a good iced Ichnusa beer will be waiting for you: you deserved it!”
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Sitio histórico
“The "Torre dell'Elefante" is a medieval tower built in the XIV century during the rule of Pisa. The name originates from a statue of an elephant.”
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Natural Feature
“Cala Goloritze, a tiny but stunning beach at the base of a deep and pleasant ravine, is located just south of Cala Biriola, in the Ogliastra area, 9 kilometers north of Baunei. Cala Goloritze beach is one of the most photogenic of its kind. It is only reachable on foot or by boat. If you’re planning on coming on foot, the hike to Cala Goloritze takes more than one hour, and the return trip will probably take you twice as long. Do bring your snorkelling goggles, ease into the water and take a swim, spot some fish – the water features unbelievable shades of blue and green. Cala Goloritze is just another example of what Sardinian paradise looks like, and little compares with the uniqueness of this spot. It should be no wonder that Cala Goloritze was elected a UNESCO site in 1995, and definitely is one of the best snorkeling beaches of Sardinia.”
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Animal Shelter
“Amazing natural park. before it was a famous jail, now it''s a natural marine park. You can do also beautiful scuba divings with authorized companies”
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“Beautiful nature and turquoise waters in the 1st TripAdvisor’s Top 10 best beaches in Italy!”
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