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November 8, 2017
Fukuoka's largest night club where most people gather.
October 6, 2017
biggest club in fukuoka. everyday is crowed and full. it is really popular especially young jenaration
December 21, 2016
the most popular night club in Fukuoka
September 10, 2015
Night Club in Fukuoka
March 7, 2017
밤 술과 음악을 즐기는 사람에 최적인 장소입니다.

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Convention Center
“ACROS Fukuoka is a terraced structure building facing Tenjin Central Park. This urban oasis is a junction of international and cultural information. There are various facilities on each of 15 floors (including 2 underground floors) in this building; music concert hall, convention hall, municipal passport center, business office, restaurants and shops. But, what makes this building a tourist attraction is its architecture. One side of the building is built as a stepped slope. And, across the whole face of the building, it is cascading from the top floor to the first floor, and there are green trees planted on every step.”
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Restaurante japonés
“FISHMAN is one of the fish market, where you can buy fresh fish with fresh vegetables directly from the farmers. You can try their delicious foods and liquor like Vinegared fresh fish and vegetables; Aquapazza stewed seasonal fish with clam, basil, tomato etc.; Miso Grilled Tartpan Sea Bream; Bagna Cauda full of fish masculinity with raw fresh vegetables, with anchovy’s flavorful sauce; Fishguy Shrimp Hamburg with onions and shrimp, with the sauce of mayonnaise and ketchup; and many dishes and desserts that you can try.”
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Point of Interest
“A Happy Pancake (私が見つけた店幸せパンケー) is a pancake shop and a café. They offer various types of pancakes such as a plentiful thick pancake and excellent acidic sauces, juicy fruits, and menus with homemade granola. A meal-related pancake that is also recommended for breakfast and lunch is carefully baked one by one with a sweetness discreet whole grain flour. Enjoy the taste of fresh vegetables and fluffy egg. In the store you can see the process of baking pancakes and enjoy the sweet smell of freshness and "fluffy" texture. Look, eat, and taste the scent.”
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Yakitori Restaurant
“torikawa suikyou is a restaurant with the choices of Yakitori (Grilled chicken) and Izakaya (Tavern). Also they have Japanese Sake and different kinds of beers. Try their Sasami's shigi-yaki, Sashimi's skewer, baked Sasami's skewers with different sauce. Try their food to satistfy your hungry!”
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“Vinyl Cafe is a dining bar that you can feel free to use. They offer relaxing space and you can eat salads, pasta, pizza, Ahijo, and Chicken Dishes (Italian Restaurant). You can also enjoy their different beers, cocktails and wines.”
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Chuo Ward, Fukuoka Prefecture 810-0001